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OCR Silver Star Iron Mine
(c)2014 Overland Consolidated Railways (OCR) All Rights Reserverd

Overland Consolidated Railways (OCR) Silver Star Iron Mine (SSM) is a Trainz(r) Interactive Industry for Auran/NV3 Trainz(r) Trainz Simulator 2010EE Ver. 49938
(it may work with other 2010 version or TS2006,2009 and 2012, but has not been tested)

In operation the model consists of 4 seperate item KUID's.
OCR Silver Star Ore Car (kuid2:63015:540000:1)
OCR Iron Ore Product (kuid2:63015:520000:1)
OCR_Ore_Unloader (kuid2:63015:500001:1)
OCR Silver Star Iron Mine (kuid2:63015:500000:1)
These items have dependencies on each other, and will not work without them.

OCR Silver Star Ore Car
The OCR Silver Star Ore Car is an interactive small custom ore car that loads from the main SSM ore tracks. It will dump its load at the included Ore Unloader Track which can be use by static industries. (Does not interact with them). The Upcoming OCR Liberty Steel Works Industry will be the main use for this car. It has not been tested wither SSM will work with other ore cars (and is not planned or intended to be made to work with others.)

OCR Iron Ore Product
The OCR Iron Ore Product is a Custom Resource which interacts with the SSM/Ore Car and the Unloader track and is required for operations of them.

OCR Silver Star Iron Mine
The main Industry with limited capacity of 100,000 Units of the custom iron ore product. No supply of any other product is required, SSM automatically 'refills' itself at the rate of 5000 product every 30 seconds (real time).

OCR SS Ore Car Unloader
This is just an accessory to SSM. Due to the fact it will be awhile before OCR Liberty Steel Works will be available to empty ore cars. This small piece of track can be placed anywhere and will empty SSM Ore Cars when they are driven over it at less than 10mph. It has not been tested with any other car (and is not intended to be used with such)

SSM Download Page (Link)

Screenshots and Videos


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Ore Loading... Custom Ore Cars Ore Conveyor Office Open for Business

Night View 1 Night View 2 Night View 3  


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